To the north of the acropolis of Castrum Novum (S. Marinella), in the "punta della vipera" is a seaside villa of the imperial era dating back to the I-II century A.D. In 1959 there was built over the Galliano house and a second part was discovered in 2008 during construction of the parking lot of the supermarket Elite. The whole house was extended about one hectare of land. In the book of P.A.Gianfrotta (Castrum Novum, 1972), in the basement of the cottage Galliano are still parts of the Roman villa. Suspensurae are visible, a semicircular cistern, walls in opus reticulatum, opus signinum in plaster, while in the garden there is a mosaic floor tessellated black and white.
Connected to the villa is a rectangular pond 54.8 x 11.5m. The structure was designed on a base of sedimentary rock (as known Macigno), digging into the rock to a depth of about 80 cm. The outer walls are about 2m wide and are made in opus caementicium, while internally it is divided by walls in opus reticulatum width of about 80cm for a total of thirteen tanks interconnected by small brick vaults required for circulation. One central basin is circular (diameter 20m). Two semi-circular tank (diameter 13m) located at the edge of the east wall, adjacent to the coast, were used for the breeding of eels. The west side, facing the sea, has three outgoing channels pointed to ogival section twenty meters long. These channels covered with opus caementicium needed for the replacement of sea water of the fishpond. Parallel to the west wall there is a long ridge that served as a cement breakwater. Two mouths of stream water were placed in each of the two walls perpendicular to the coast (north side and south side) and were closed by perforated shutters. On the outside wall (south side) branches off a wall in opus caementicium tens of meters long. This structure was to be the landing stage for boats. The fish in it originally was to be about 4m deep. Given the size of the structure is reasonable to assume that the farmed fish was not only used as sustenance for the inhabitants of the villa, but also marketed.

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