In the town of Ladispoli in Marina di San Nicola is a large structure from Roman times. The area covers about two hectares and is situated between the coastline and the river Cupino. Excavations carried out by the superintendent it is understood that this is not a single marine villa, but a proto-urban center probably connected to the nearby Roman colony of Alsium (247 B.C.) and that it should hold at least a hundred people. The whole city was inhabited continuously from the end of the I sec.AC until V sec.A.D. Currently, the archaeological site is divided into three zones. The first zone, the oldest, is adjacent to the beach and extends to a rectangular area of 200 m to 130 m. Here was the villa features a criptoportico 80 m long and  3.5 m high. On the criptoportico was a long porch with columns and walls plastered. The floor was mosaic (knobs whites and blacks) with geometric and vegetal sketch. At the end of criptoportico there was a high-rise residential (Turris) equipped with a stairway to the beach. Criptoportico is parallel to open an avenue bordered by walls in opus
reticulatum. The second archaeological site is located northwest of the villa and consists of a series of rooms used as storerooms. The third area is located adjacent to the river Cupino and consists of a paved road  100 m long  that starts from the beach and leads to a series of ornamental ponds, hence a road that connected the building to the street Aurelia. Many people think that here there is the ancient port of Alsium, but there is no evidence. According to Cicerone (Pro Milone 20, 54) to Alsium was the large villa of Pompeo Magno (106-48 B.C.). For this reason, the building is commonly known as the "Villa of Pompeo", but evidence of this hypothesis have not yet been found. All we know from some of the fistulae aquariae graded "SOLIS OF MAGNI ELAGABALI" is that the entire urban complex was confiscated in Caesar's time to be attached to the State. Interesting was the finding of a erma (marble bust) two-faced of Asclepius.



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