The Villa Guardiole is located S. Marinella town, adjacent to the Castrum Novum Acropolis and the Chiaruccia Tower, it is located right next to the Via Aurelia Km 64.600.The maritime villa was very large and covered an area of half  hectare . The structure also had a thermal plant, whose tanks are still visible and the study of the walls that have been made in the first opus incertum and then  in opus latericium.It show that the baths with the house had a close in two successive phases of construction. During the excavation were found 122 gold coins of the imperial age and the route of the old Aurelia who turned around 5.5m wide. The dating of the villa is therefore considered to be straddling the end of the first century B.C. and early first century A.D. In fact, the architectural style is typical of the Augustan villa. Opposite and belonging to the villa, near the mouth of Guardiole torrent, are two fish ponds used for rearing fish. Today they are overwhelmed by the sea and visible only from the satellite or at low tide. The first is a rectangle with a short side in a curved, the second was built on an earlier ruins of a port, perhaps of Etruscan and / or otherwise relating to the establishment of Castrun Novum in the third century B.C. consists of two tanks at the fish pond was a wall of the joint width between 1.5-2m which served as a small pier for the ships.The structure was the size of 65x60m, while the largest fishpond, internally divided into five tanks measuring 35x18.6m . Considering that it is all in opus reticulatum and opus incertum be considered simultaneously built in the first century the first construction phase of the Villa Guardiola.