In the Tolfa town in the "grasceta dei cavallari" location (lat. = grasmen, land used to feed the animals.) at the foot of Mount Mazza, there is an Etruscan-Roman temple.  The sanctuary is located on a crossing point between the old boundaries of Tarquinia and Caere. The base is rectangular in shape (18 mx 10 m) in the middle there was a small temple with eight single-cell columns attached to the front and staircase. Adjacent to the temple is a little podium about 5 mx 5 m on which they were probably the ex-voto consecrated before being placed inside the cell of the temple.  This is supported by the vast amount of material votive terracotta (heads, limbs, etc..) found during the excavation carried out only.  This construction, compared to the temples of Pyrgi, was to be used for a rural cult, which relates to the inhabitants of the hinterland, the first by the Etruscans and later in Roman times.  The analysis of the finds date back to around the two structures III-IV sec.B.C. A third structure with a square base in drywall is rather dated in the early VI sec.B.C. most likely that the sanctuary was connected by road with its Etruscan necropolis of Ferrone, Pian Conserva and Grottini of Rota.

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