In the town of Tolfa, along the road along the Marano torrent, at the location "Grasceta of Cavallari," is an ancient way of remaking the Middle Ages to the Roman Empire.  This path is composed of one paved with local stone and the edges of the road are marked by crosses of the same material.  The way  is a few hundred meters.  Every now and then there are the canals cross the way (approximately two meters wide), whose function is to conserve rainwater in a way that does not destroy the paving.  The road leads to an open lava space of ignimbrite-trachyte, which originated with the formation of the Tolfa mountains  during the late Pliocene (between 2 and 1 MA).  This site for the presence of a lump of lava, a small dike, called the Rock of the Witch. The low temperature (600 ° C instead of the more than 1000 ° C) and the acidic nature of the magma (high viscosity) has meant that lava, clay consistency rather than fluid, solidifying take these unique sculptural forms. In addition, the erosion of wind and slope do not allow the grip of the earth and the acid component of the rock prevents the emergence of vegetation, except for the moss that is burned for its acidity.  The paved path leads to the Etruscan-Roman temple of grasceta, here in ancient times was divided into two sections, respectively, leading to the Cozzone mountain to the ancient abbey of Piantangeli (IX-XIV century A.D.).


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