The necropolis of Mattonara is located in the municipality of Civitavecchia, behind the factory Molinari. It takes its name from an old quarry, where the material was used to make bricks. It was discovered by S. Bastianelli and subsequently excavated by F. Barbaranelli in 1955. A subsequent excavation was made in 1962 by O. Toti and led to the discovery of three prehistoric pits. The cemetery is adjacent to the coast and was carved in sedimentary rock (as knwon Macco). Currently there are two graves, five room, one ipogean tomb (now underground), a tomb in the cockpit and three cylindrical pits conical section. The graves and the chamber tombs are Etruscans   (VII-VI sec. AC), the ipogean tomb is perhaps the fifth century. B.C. In the cylindrical cockpit was found a biconical cinerary urn paintings presented metope red and black, dating back to 750 B.C. The three pits, about 2m deep, are of prehistoric times, were plastered internally with a yellow waterproof clay and contained domestic pottery dating back to villanovian (1000-900 B.C.) and protovillanovian (1100-1000 B.C.). Most likely these pits were used for bothroi ,to conserve water, salt and cereals.


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