The intent of this website is to introduce those archaeological sites in southern Etruria in the area between Civitavecchia and Tolfa. These places, though less well known than those of Cerveteri and Tarquinia, are no less important and no less interesting to visit, but unfortunately they are left in a state of complete abandonment, and for a general lack of interest, both for the difficulties in achieving them. So before these sites disappear among the thorns, or worse, under the pickaxe of grave robbers or because of various works, the Movement Archeoetruria decided to identify these places and save them from oblivion. Anyone who is interested to visit, study or archeo-trekking, you can contact us at this address:, we will be happy to guide you for free!
Those who find errors and / or inaccuracies in the topics covered may contact us at the same email address for placing object "erratacorrige."


Plaque of Cultural Merit

Award of Merit plaque cultural Dr. Odoardo Toti, Tolfa, August, 2014

Award of Merit plaque cultural Dr. Alberto Palmucci, Santa Marinella, August, 2015


conferenza anno 2012  





Tolfa - Awards for the month of culture

Municipal theathre Claudio - April 2014

Tolfa - Cittàslow Awards

Municipal theahre Claudio - September 2014

Tolfa - Cittàslow friends Awards
Municipal theahre Claudio - December 2015
Seminars held at the invitation of other entities

Castelsecco between nature and archeology. Dr. G.Stracci
Castle of Santa Severa, 24 november 2012, Santa Marinella (Citizens' Committee 2nd October

Prehistory and History of the Tolfa Hills, Dr. G. Stracci
Palazzo Borghese, 11 april 2013, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub)

Leopoli-Cencelle a city of Papal foundation. Dr. Alessandra Pala
Palazzo Borghese, 22 may 2014, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub)

The Baths of Ficoncella or Aquae Tauri. Dr. G. Stracci
Civitavecchia, 23 may 20124 (Lions club - port of Traiano)

The Coastal Towers of Lazio history of the fortifications north of Rome from its origins to the 17th.ce. Dr.M.Ortensi
Palazzo Borghese, 23 november 2014, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub)

San Giulio and Castelsecco. Middle Ages in the Delegation of Civitavecchia. Dr. G. Stracci
Palazzo Borghese, 4 December 2014, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub)

The cooking pottery in the protohistoric time - Marangone and Monte Rovello. Dr. G. Stracci
Civic Museum  of Tolfa, 30 May 2015, Tolfa

The production and storage of olive oil in dolia farms along the  Mignone river
. Dr. V. Allegrezza
Civic Museum  of Tolfa, 30 May 2015, Tolfa

The Etruscan funerary architecture in the Tolfa mountains. Dr. M. Ortensi
Palazzo Borghese, 11 June 2015, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub)

The proto ceramic kitchen. Archeological finds at  Rovello Hill and the Marangone river ( Tolfa mountains). 
Palazzo Borghese, 20 october 2016, Monte Porzio Catone (Italy Archeoclub). Dr. G. Stracci 







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