In the town of Civitavecchia, near the Baths of Trajan Taurine or adjacent to a quarry of stones is an ancient tower known as the steeple of St. Egidio.  In truth they are the visible remains of the church of St. Giulio dating back to 1300 A.D. and belonged to 'Templar Order.  Today only the tower remains visible (originally 12 meters high), whose dimensions are 7 x 4 x 4 m, while the few remaining walls were buried after an archaeological excavation carried out by Salvatore Bastianelli in 1954 (at that time the tower was restored ), the plan of the church was 10 x 20 m.  The building was a rural church with a single nave with an apse opposite the entrance used as an altar    and was the Via Francigena (because he carried the pilgrims to Rome from France) that going from Viterbo and Civitavecchia to Tolfa Vetralla conjoined.  The church was confiscated by the Knights Templar in 1309 A.D. because of their process and ancient documents we learn that already in 1356 A.D. was called a ruin.


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