In the City of Tolfa, at the foot of Mount Castellaccio, in a location known as "La Cerreta" there is found a prehistoric village. The archaeological site was discovered by Dr. F.Di Gennaro in 1972 and subsequently investigated a second time in 1977 by the GAR. The surveys were only the surface and unearthed fragments of pottery mixed brown and other ancient fragments. Based on these findings, it should be the continuity of the housing from the late Neolithic to the Middle Bronze Age (1800 B.C.). The town is built on three circular terraces. The first terrace (from the bottom) has a diameter of about 30m. The central structure has a stone placed in a central arched, other rocks are scattered on the ground. The material used is a volcanic rock rich in leucite crystals, a rock similar is present in Mount Sassetto. Some rocks show signs of enhanced scratch with sharp objects. These stones served as a foundation upon which the tree trunks to form the walls of the house, while the roof was made ​​of bundles of branches and straw. The visible structure due to its size had to be imported one place, so it could be a place of worship or the home of the clan leader.



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