Tarquinia is created in 1941 in the 8th battalion of paratroopers to be used as infantry.The battalion was composed of three rifle companies, 21 degrees, 22 degrees and 23 degrees. In 1942 finished the training cycle for the air-drops The unit was moved to Civitavecchia where it is called Guastatori of infantry.The battalion reached North Africa in July 1942 in the area of El Alamein where he joined the seventh battalion of the 186th regiment for a total of 5912 men. In the historic battle of El Alamein, the battalion demonstrates a 'constant strength and determination, as to be decimato.In Libya in 1942, the survivors went on to form the 285th Battalion "Thunderbolt", commanded by Captain Lombardini.
  In the Civitavecchia city near to Guastatori del Genio street to get on a plain at the foot of Poggio Paradiso hill, here you can see the 40 bunkers where the battalion is trained, they are all identical compounds from a covered dome and an adjacent wall, its height is 2.70 me an area of about 4x2 meters. Only three bunkers are different, the first is at the center of the field and served as a stronghold (its area is about 50 square meters) the other two were identical on opposite sides with a dome shape and were used as observers during the exercise. In this place on May 8, 1938 Mussolini and Hitler attended to the military exercises. Finite maneuvers Hitler met with Mussolini, King Vittorio Emanuele III at the Odescalchi Castle of Santa Marinella and the German dictator will probably sleep for the night.


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