"Buca di Nerone" is in the location known as "The Mattonara" in the municipality of Civitavecchia, behind the factory Molinari. It takes its name from an ancient popular belief, according to which the Roman emperor Nero, during a trip to Centumcellae stopped to take a bath. This circular cavity excavated on a sedimentary basement (Macco said) is defined by Schmdiet (the level of the ancient Tyrrhenian Sea, 1972) to be connected to a pond nearby Roman villa called "Villa of Mattonara. In fact, this circular hole (diameter 7 m) is the foundation of a hut in the Neolithic. A second fund hut with an elliptical base (size 11m x 4m) is located adjacent to the coastal shore about 40m from the hole above. Next to the circular hole are two rectangular pits (1.7 mx 0.7 m) about 80 cm deep with four steps and a niche side. These two pits are certainly linked to the proto-Etruscan necropolis of Mattonara and should go back to the early Iron Age (VIII-IX sec.AC). At that time the shoreline had moved 100m into the sea and this leads us to say that probably many foundations of huts and graves have been destroyed by erosion of the sea.


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